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How To Build A Successful Sales And Marketing Team That Take Responsibility Of Their Leads?

Wow, this would be a dream for many marketing managers and sales development managers. Because the sales team are very prepared to use the quality and quantity of the leads as the first excuse for under-performance.

And they are right 80% of the time. But the ideal situation is to create a mutually beneficial environment where everybody is in charge of their own leads. So they can only complain to themselves and it is purely meritocratic. This accountability will breed a work ethic to deliver.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Building successful sales and marketing teams that take responsibility of their leads can be possible if you set realistic goals. Many marketers get overwhelmed as they have goals which are hard to achieve. You should be clear, smart and disciplined in setting the goals. You will be more comfortable with the performance of your teams then.

2. Understand the Weak Areas

This is the basic step to take when you want to improve the performance of your teams. The team lead should know the weaknesses of every individual on the team. It will let them be in a better position to adjust the team members and assign tasks. Team members will be adjusted accordingly in both departments. 

3. Use Smart Technology 

Nowadays, sales and marketing require use of smart technology that should be chosen wisely. You should invest in paid marketing tools, team management apps and use the best technology to improve performance of sales and marketing teams. A lot of things will get simpler with use of smart technology. B2B Lead Generation software such as Lead forensics and whoisvisiting allow you to allocate your leads and website visitors. Accordingly everything is visible in one dashboard who has acted on which lead. 

4. Marketing and Sales Alignment

In order to achieve the goals, set, both the teams should be on the same page. You have to make sure to bring the teams together so that their work can be shared. Important data should will become easier, both the teams can coordinate and communicate instantly for any changes or tweaks required in marketing. 

5. Measure Both Teams 

A sense of accountability should be on the shoulders of the teams. They will learn and be attentive to their work. The team leads should perform regular monitoring and hold the members accountable for what they could not achieve. This process should be made a part of supervision to get the most out of both teams. 

6. Outsource Top Professionals 

Sometimes, you need more people who can guide the sales and marketing teams and set them on the right track. For this, a single person may suffice. You should outsource if the need arises. This will make your teams more productive as they will be working under the supervision of the competent and right professional. 

7. Develop Team Culture

Team culture refers to the environment where every team member feels the responsibility and works to achieve the goals putting their differences aside. This culture is very much needed because it brings the teams together, let them share data and findings, and cooperate in delivering tasks which improves their performance. 

8. Listen Up 

Listen to your team members. They will have some issues and reservations. Listening to them will solve the problems and make things better and smoother. Don’t ignore such issues otherwise it will affect the performance. 

9. Let’s Do It Together 

There should be a slogan to do things together. Every team member will contribute and they will feel they have done their part in the best possible way. It will also develop a sense of responsibility in your team members which is required for showing professional performance.

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