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Players must complete an attunement quest before they may access the Return to Karazhan dungeon:

Completing these quests grants players access to the Return to Karazhan dungeon, and players receive more to complete within Karazhan:

Quest series for the ilvl 855 ring  Violet Seal of the Archmage:

Quest Series for the ilvl 860 ring  Violet Seal of the Archmage:

Battle.net also suggests that Charred Bone Fragments, speculated to summon Nightbane, is from the quest No Bones About It, which will reward another version of the ring. Battle.net suggests the ilvl 860 ring is also a reward from this quest, but it is accounted for in High Stress Hiatus. The only version of the ring unaccounted for is the ilvl 875 one with the Karazhan teleport, Violet Seal of the Grand Magus.

The entrance to Return to Karazhan is at the left end of this bridgeWhen accessing the dungeon version of Karazhan, players must enter through the side entrance, not the conventional raid entrance. The dungeon entrance is located partway up the tower, where the bridge extends out to the wooden guard building. Flying mounts allow players to avoid fighting their way through the enemies in the guard building.

Return to Karazhan has two sections: the Lower Karazhan area, which contains Attumen the Huntsman, Moroes, the Opera Hall, Maiden of Virtue, and The Curator; and the Upper Karazhan Tower, which holds the Shade of Medivh, Mana Devourer, and Viz’aduum the Watcher bosses.

Because players do not enter Karazhan from the front entrance, the order of bosses in Lower Karazhan is slightly different from the original raid. The shortcuts that allow players to traverse different levels of the tower are not active, and the only boss players can initially attempt is the Opera Hall.

Following the Opera Hall, players can encounter Attumen the Huntsman, Moroes, or the Maiden of Virtue in whatever order they desire. Defeating Moroes will open one of the shortcuts that allows easier access from the entrance to Attumen’s area. This guide will recommend Opera > Maiden > Moroes > Attumen to reduce backtracking, but other paths are equally viable.

After defeating The Curator, players gain access to the Upper Karazhan Tower, and unlock a “checkpoint” of sorts. If players leave the dungeon and return, they will re-enter at the start of this Upper Karazhan Tower area, instead of the Broken Stair area. This allows parties to attempt Return to Karazhan over multiple sessions, since it is so large and can take a long time to clear.



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