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    2 March 2017 , by RayTango

    Using Warcraft Logs : A guide to analyze your DPS and increase your raid performance. So as we all know, Browning has a serious problem with DPS, he basically sucks and gets carried every raid. He’s not improving his DPS even though his gear ilvl is increasing, why? It’s a good thing Kristastarr logs every raid so we can reflect... Read more

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    Attunement of Karazhan

    31 October 2016 , by RayTango

    Players must complete an attunement quest before they may access the Return to Karazhan dungeon: Edict of the God-King requires players to enter Mythic Halls of Valor and defeat God-King Skovald Skovald will drop a  Fel Crystal Fragment, which will trigger the Unwanted Evidence quest After handing in Unwanted Evidence, players will receive the Unco... Read more

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    Calgary Comic Con 2017

    6 February 2015 , by RayTango

    Illusionary is heading to the Stampede Grounds April 27-30, 2017 for Canada’s 2nd largest pop culture convention, featuring the very best in science-fiction, comic books, fantasy, horror, pop culture, animation, and so much more! To purchase tickets online, click HERE. Be sure to purchase early, as the show does sell out, and once tickets are... Read more

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    Molten Core, We have to go bac...

    21 November 2014 , by RayTango

    WoW’s 10 anniversary is here and all the events that go with it. Molten Core LFR featuring more dispels than any LFR Hero could ask for. This Raid is only available in LFR mode, its 40 Raiders with a required 615 Minimum Ilvl. Just for logging into the event you will get your Molten Corgi Pet, but if you withstand... Read more

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    Garrosh 25 Man Guild Run

    13 October 2014 , by RayTango

    With less than an week to spare, guild members from around the world launched the largest boss progression raid in the history of Illusionary. “Illusionary.” That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We won’t be consumed by some petty Touch of Y’Shaarj anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps ... Read more

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