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    Beastlord Darmac

    12 February 2015 , by RayTango

    Welcome to this mechanically piece-mail “choose your own adventure” boss. Boss Abilities (While on Foot):  Pin Down – Hurls a spear at an enemy, inflicting 32,606 to 37,894 Physical damage to enemies within 25 yds. Enemies within 3 yards of the impact suffer much more damage and are pinned down by the spear.  Call the Pack – Calls forth lesser...... Read more

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    Flamebender Ka’graz

    12 February 2015 , by RayTango

    Ka’graz the last Flamebender seems quite simple for a mid-level boss, but there are key tactics which must be executed precisely or this encounter may get out of hand very quickly. Boss Abilities: Ka’graz gains Molten Energy over the course of the fight and gains new abilities at 25, 50, 75, and 100 Molten Energy. Below are the abilities gained...... Read more

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    Hans’gar and Franzok

    12 February 2015 , by RayTango

    Get ready to get pumped up! wait…no… Remember Siegecrafter Blackfuse? Ya? Remember the worst part of that encounter? Yes indeed…the conveyor belt! Well aren’t you in for a treat…FIVE BELTS! Let’s get started shall we? Boss Abilities:  Body Slam – Leaps towards an enemy.  Shattered Vertebrae – A brutal body slam crashes upon you, increasing the Phys... Read more

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