“Game of Thrones” Will Set the Tone for Your Thesis

You may be wondering what can these two literary works have in common, I mean your thesis and “Game of Thrones” (it`s actually “A Song of Ice and Fire”, just in case you have been living under a rock all this time, this is the title of the series of books written by George. R.R. Martin, the show is based on those). After reading this article we do hope you`re going to include plenty of features which were in “Game of Thrones” into your thesis.

No, your academic work shouldn`t consist of 7 novels or 8 seasons. The audience loves “Game of Thrones” for multiple reasons but there are certain characteristics which just caught the eyes of millions of viewers from all the world since the season one. The sex scenes, epic battles, beautiful gowns and amazing hairstyles of the leading female characters? Perhaps, but I don`t think that`s a really good idea to include those into your university work.

There are certain patterns in the plot of the initial masterpiece – a series of novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” which managed to get the attention of everyone. Of course, a thesis is a purely scientific work mixed with your solid balanced and objective ideas on the matter. And the story about dragons and a gorgeous blonde chick who calls herself their mother is a pure fiction. What if we tell you that you can turn your (no offense, but at some point boring) thesis into something as interesting and captivating as George R.R. Martin work? Here are some very vivid features from “write my essay” experts that describe the literary style of this author.

Twist That Plot

Yes, it`s kind of a challenge to turn your thesis that is based on a topic about ecology into something epic like a world-famous book. However, if we are talking about ecology here, it`s not a bad idea after all. That made-up unrealistic world with entire winter and frosty weather is a great representation of Trump`s ecology. What can we say? An American president doesn`t believe in global warming, he must be a great fan of that “The Winter Is Coming” meme.

There is no reason to kill characters in your thesis. Besides, you`ll only have characters there if you study literature, journalism, dramaturgy or scriptwriting. But what if you don`t and all you have to deal with are frogs, microbes or atoms in your academic paper? Don`t take our words literally, plot-twisting isn`t about murder, it`s about a different approach.

How are you supposed to write the thesis? You have the whole plan with the introduction, analysis, examples, and conclusion. Boredom! Mr. Martin took the risk and he never thought it would work out. Will you dare to write the whole thesis in a form of a novel using all the facts and information? Think about it, professors have been reading those works for years and years. A lesson №1 from George R.R. Martin is: the more unusual it is, the more it`s different than any established set of rules, the bigger chances you have to make your work successful.

Logic? Did You Just Say Logic?

It`s a whole new trend in literature, movies, and fashion right now! I guess you`ll be happy to hear that your work may make zero sense and still get a good grade. Because nowadays it`s really simple to mix up absurdity with creativity. That`s the method Martin used and boy, oh, boy was he right. Do his characters use the simple logic while making a decision? Absolutely not, why would they?

I know that this is a risky business and you`d preferably do that if you have absolutely no choice but still consider it as a possible solution. There may be not so much space for creativity or for work of imagination in your thesis but everybody loves a good story. This rule is universal.

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