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Hunter Tips – by Browning

This is an AoE friendly fight. I have tried this fight as SV, but I seriously suck at SV anymore. Multi-dotting, explosive traps, barrage, multi-shot, etc. are all required.
The biggest concern is that you do NOT get tunnel vision once again. You need to keep all three protector’s health bars up and make sure to not AoE at the wrong time, pushing 2 bosses into Desperate Measures at the same time.
Our kill order was Rook, He and Sun. We hero at the beginning of the fight, since all procs will be up and we don’t want to save it until the end when you could have kill issues and reset health like Core-hound Puppies.
Lay out AoE and do it hard. Always main target the protector you are currently pushing into Desperate Measures, but splash damage is good and encouraged (unless of course, they are close to a Desperate Measures percentage). Barrage is great for this fight since it will typically hit all active bosses and mobs pretty much where-ever you are in the “room”.

Desperate Measures DPS:
Rook: DPS Sorrow, Gloom then Misery. Once again, just because you are on a single target doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spread out the splash damage. A tank should keep Gloom by other active protectors so that you are benefiting from AoE damage.

Sun: Sun will summon a protective dome which the raid will stack under and kill adds. Ranged should DPS Despair and Desperation, while still throwing out AoE spells such as Exploding Trap, Bombs and Barrage.

He: He is fairly straightforward. Anguish is just a burn. The only mechanic you need to worry about is giving the tank the Mark if Anguish.

In 10 man Sorrow puts an arrow over a raid member’s head and everyone should stack on that person to keep them from being one-shotted. Watch your timer and use Deterrence to mitigate this damage. Remember to be aware of the Protector’s health. They enter Desperate Measures at 66% and 33%.

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