Using Warcraft Logs : A guide to analyze your DPS and increase your raid performance.

So as we all know, Browning has a serious problem with DPS, he basically sucks and gets carried every raid. He’s not improving his DPS even though his gear ilvl is increasing, why? It’s a good thing Kristastarr logs every raid so we can reflect on his shitty performance.

Step 1:  Find a log for your character, and then find a top parse with similar times. Let’s look at Monday’s (2/27/17)

Wow, look at that dismal DPS by Browning.

Step 2: Check performance for his gear level, since many fights are now altered by guilds for players to get top parses.

Warcraftlogs has an option so you can compare your performance for a boss kill based on your ilvl. Here is Brownings.

At first glance, I have had a real crappy performance because I parsed only in the 23 percentile for Survival hunters. Looking at my ilvl score however, I didn’t do as badly because I parsed in the 40th percentile (which is also a bit skewed because I died toward the end of the fight ~5:58; my parse theoretically should be higher).

Step 3: Search a top parse with similar ilvl and fight length (and spec/legendary setup if possible).

Wow, this looks really, really bad. I was killed on DPS by 191K. Now I compare the two parses (another option through Warcraftlogs) so I can find out what I should be casting and when.

This is a summary of Khmali’s abilities:

Here is my summary:

One of the biggest fails you can do with comparing is to try to straight-up compare 1-1. There are too many differing factors in the game now to do that. Instead I look at relative percentage comparisons for abilities; they should roughly be the same regardless of ilvl. The second and very important thing to look at is the number of ability casts, which should (in most cases) be the same.

Step 4: Compare spells cast/abilities used for the fight.

Here is Khmali vs. Browning:

While percentages look OK for me, I’m still worried about that 191K. So I look at total casts and that is where I see a big problem with my performance.

  1. Butchery looks ok, roughly the same amount.
  2. Mongoose Bite is low, WAY LOW. There is no excuse for missing 40 casts.
  3. Caltrops is OK, it’s hard to determine their raid camps and handling of the adds.
  4. Explosive Trap is good, roughly the same amount.
  5. Fury of the Eagle (Artifact) is also terrible, I cast half as many, although I do cast them with 6 stacks of Mongoose since my average cast damage is higher.
  6. Flanking Strike. Man I really need to be better on those; once again I cast half as many.
  7. Raptor Strike is also a problem spot. As you can see it has become my filler, and I am casting it twice as much roughly.
  8. Lacerate looks ok, once again the same amount of casts.

Overall I need to manage my priority a bit better. Flanking strike has a chance to give me a free charge of Mongoose; I need to utilize that more. I am losing roughly 13.7mil on Mongoose and 4.4mil on Flanking. I counter-act that by making up 4.8mil on Raptor, but other than refreshing my buff it is not providing me with any other DPS boost like Mongoose will. The only other visibly noticeable detail is that my crit percentage is low, due to my gear itemization.

One again, this is a quick and dirty look at my DPS and what I can do to make myself better for this fight. This was the first fight I ran butchery so it threw my rotation off a bit. There are also a ton of other factors in gearing, positioning, talents, enchants that create discrepancies in the numbers so you have to delve into that a bit as well and not get caught comparing apples to oranges in DPS. Legendary items will change your numbers depending on what you have equipped, but this quick look will get you on the right track to prioritize the right casts so you become the beast on the DPS charts.

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